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Clegg Coaching and Training offers three distinctive services: Business Coach Training, Business Coaching, & Seminars.

These are specifically designed to address the different needs, desires, and challenges facing individuals and organizations today.

Executive Business Coaching

You want a tool to help you regain personal and professional focus getting you back on track and moving again.

You desire a way to reawaken your sense of wonder and enjoyment in life.

You want to bridge the gap between who you are today, and who you want to be in the future.

You crave insight into recognizing your challenges as springboards, launching you into a more vibrant and fulfilling livelihood.

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Business Coach Training

You want to explore being a business coach.

You want a career change and don’t know where to go.

You have YEARS of experience and professional abilities, and you want to turn that into something more satisfying.

You are ready to answer the call and show up in your life with more of the skills and creativity that you KNOW you possess and would like to express.

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Corporate Seminars

You want to enhance employee knowledge to help create a productive and inviting workplace.

You want a tool to help build an atmosphere where you and your employees thrive.

You want a sound investment in your most valuable professional assets: yourself and your team.

You want to create a sense of community through team-building and workshops.

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